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Coroner Software Features


What Makes Great Coroner Software?

Easy To Use

From the moment you sign in, you'll find ME Fieldware so simple, you can begin putting it to work right away.


Why have coroner software unless it enables you to organize and manage case documentation faster and easier? ME Fieldware is designed to quickly and easily assist you in investigating and documenting your cases.


Access your account from a desktop PC, and virtually any web-connected mobile device - like smartphones, tablets, ipads, notepads, and laptop computers. Begin documenting cases right at the scene.

NAME/IAC&ME Statistics

Along with a vast array of available statistics, we included NAME/IAC&ME compliant statistics at the push of a button.

GPS Built In

Take your mobile device to the incident location, sign into your ME Fieldware account, and instantly get the latitude and longitude of where you're standing. In the Case Manager screen, you can see an overhead satellite image of the scene location.

You can also create cluster maps by date, mannner of death, and incident types.


One would expect the most advanced, easiest-to-use coroner software to be expensive. Not so. ME Fieldware is priced well below it's value and you may be surprised at just how affordable it really is.

Many More Features...

Above is just a few of the many features that ME Fieldware offers. Give us a call at 423-293-0251, schedule a demo, and prepare to be amazed.

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